Mazarati Revisted

OneGunn was the keyboardist and background vocalist for funk-rock band Mazarati, created by Prince bassist and protégé Brown Mark with strong behind-the-scenes support from Prince. After several years of performing throughout the United States, Mazarati was signed to Paisley Park/Warner Bros. Records and released their first album, Mazarati, co-produced by Brown Mark, Prince and David Rivkin. From this album came the band’s first single, 100 MPH, which rose to #19 on the R&B charts.

Following the album’s release, Mazarati began touring or recording with musicians and groups including Prince, Sheila E., New Addition, Alexander O’Neil, Molly Hachette, Tamara and the Scene, Jermaine Jackson, Stacey Earl, Jesse Johnson, LL Cool J and more. The group made another album through Motown in 1989 and released a half-dozen more singles. Since then, members of the band have worked with stars including Paula Abdul and Prince sideman Dr. Fink.

Today, Mazarati Revisited, featuring original members OneGunn and Screamer, brings back the songs and vitality of Mazarati. The band commits themselves to fans worldwide who enjoy the intense, high-energy sounds that made funk a legendary style.

OneGunn and Screamer promise that this “Mazarati Revisited” performance will include songs from every aspect of music that the members (as a group or individuals) of Mazarati have touched upon.


Snapshot of the Song List

  • Suzy
  • Jerk Out (Morris Day and The Tyme)
  • Opposites Attract (Paula Abdul)
  • Kiss (Prince)
  • 100 M.P.H
  • Rock Hollyrock (Sheila E.)
  • Guess its all Over
  • It’s On (a OneGunn Original)
  • Come Together (Beatles)
  • Something Going On
  • And Many, Many more….
  • Stroke
  • Forever Your Girl (Paula Abdul)


  • Mazarati (1986), Paisley Park
  • Mazarati 2 (1989), Motown ( Canada )


  • “100 MPH” (1986) #19 U.S. R&B , Paisley Park
  • “Players’ Ball” (1986), Paisley Park
  • “Stroke” (1986), Paisley Park
  • “Stroke” / “Champagne Saturday” (1986), Paisley Park
  • “The Saga Of A Man” (1989), Motown
  • “The Woman Thang” (1989), Motown
  • “Kiss” (1987) #1 U.S.& U.K Warner Brothers